How the Mobile Medical Unit Works

Brown Family Medical uses cutting-edge innovation, which allows you to confer with a Healthcare Professional and receive medical care services from the comfort of your own home. By using our secure video chat, our calling us to come out, you no longer need to leave your home, office, or school to talk with a Healthcare Professional.

When you’re sick, injured or have a medical concern just follow these three easy steps:


We help you eliminate the cost in time, dollars, and effort to negotiate transportation to a clinic and endure the endless waiting room delay. Brown Family Medical uses historical data like other telehealth providers to make diagnoses and decisions. We also utilize the patient’s physical exam. We achieve this by using field professionals who come to the patient’s home or the preferred location. Vital signs, physical exam data, and labs are collected and uploaded electronically to the practitioner by our field professionals. A secure video chat session is then initiated with the practitioner and patient. The field professional is available to run further tests, draw blood, and give treatments, as the Healthcare Provider directs.